How To Look Good When Traveling?

My dear,

Whenever you travel on an airplane or sit
through a long car, bus or train ride, it’s
easy to end up looking really tired and
messy from jet lag, exhaustion, and being
cramped into a small seating area. Yet, looking your best when traveling isn’t impossible and the suggestions here will help you to look good at the end of your

How? Let’s check it out!
1. Avoiding Additional Stress.
Even before you set out on a long trip, be sure to do everything needed well in advance so that you don’t begin the trip flustered. Pack well before it’s time to leave and be sure to have done all the leaving chores in plenty of time, such as shutting up your house, canceling
papers, sorting bills, etc. Having these concerns on your mind once you start traveling can cause you to fret, so make sure they have been dealt with to your satisfaction before leaving. In addition, give yourself plenty of time to get to your chosen transport’s departure point, or if traveling in your vehicle, to get to your destination.
Extra time waiting at the other end is not wasted, you can read, sigh with relief that you have done everything without rushing and simply chill out.

2. Choose Clothing That’s Comfortable And Stylish at The Same Time.
Wear a pair of fitted sweatpants, so you can stay comfortable while looking somewhat presentable. Fitted sweatpants are available for both males and females.
However, if you don’t much like them, check out travel pants in outdoor stores as they’ll have some trendy but comfortable options too. Wear a light fitted top, but carry a sweat shirt with you (airplanes tend to be cold inside).

3. Take Care of Your Skin When Traveling.
Travel often means sitting inside a vehicle or airplane that has stale air circulation. Guys, don’t forget to bring some moisturizer so that your skin won’t be dry and pale. This is as important for guys as it is for girls, so don’t be shy.

– Get a moisturizer suited to your skin and
style (for summer travel, make a sure that your body lotion at least spf 15 and PA++).
– You’re on a long-haul flight? Wear a moisturizing face pack suitable for the night. Next morning, simply wash it off in the bathroom and apply some moisturizing serum. Your face will seem much brighter for this.
– Slather hand cream over your hands while traveling. Use one with a scent you enjoy, as the familiarity will help to keep you rested.

4. Wear Your Hair In The Most Comfortable Way
Have a long hair? Consider wearing it down or up in a loose hairdo that doesn’t pull, such as a loose braid or ponytail. For everyone else with shorter hair, simply keep it combed.

– Carry a travel size bottle of leave-in conditioner and apply just before you arrive. Or, choose an anti-frizz solution if this is likely to be a problem for your hair.

5. Don’t Wear Too Much Make Up

6. Don’t Wear New Shoes

7. Carry A Bottle Of Mineral Water

That’s all from me. I hope it will help you.
This is summer! Feel the sun on your skin! Are you ready for traveling, dear? Let’s start our vacation!

With warm love,