How To Make You Feel Better When Got Infuenza?

Poor me,

I’ve got influenza! When I woke up, my nose clogged by something… yaiiiksss.. Sorry, it’s disgusting. Let’s skip! My ex told me how to make me feel better, but, he was NOT a practicing physician.
Please consult your doctor if at all possible, okay? 😉

The first and the important way to fight the flu is to get plenty of sleep. It sounds obvious, but getting a full 8 hours or more every night gives your body more time to fight. At night, when your body doesn’t have to serve your needs, it serves its own much more effectively.

Vitamin C is the most important vitamin with regards to your immune system. It can be found in a variety of doses, but most people get plenty with one 500mg tablet once or twice per day. It is extremely difficult to overdose on Vitamin C as it is a water soluble vitamin, but be advised that what your body doesn’t use, it
discards, and it burns on the way out.

Another obvious one, but fluids help your body do what it has to do. Water is the first best thing for keeping yourself
hydrated, but if you grow tired of it, orange juice or sports drinks also work. Orange juice will supplement your vitamin C intake and sports drinks can help restore your electrolytic balance. (Me: mineral water or warm lemon-tea. Yummy!)

– SODAs are NOT fluids. The first ingredient may be carbonated water, but on the whole a soda acts as a diuretic, actually causing you to lose water.

Even though you may be tempted to keep yourself on decongestants and antihistamines all day, don’t. The mucus in your nose is actually quite adept at trapping foreign viruses. Just don’t sniff it back up! That only reintroduces the virus to your system.

Vitamins, medicines, or even water. This may cause undue strain on your kidneys and can lead to other problems. Overdosing with them WILL NOT make
them work faster!

* REMEMBER: If you’re on a prescription, always make sure to finish it, even if you don’t feel sick anymore! If you don’t completely destroy the infection, it will likely rise again, but this time it will be resistant to those medicine.

That’s all. Hope it will work on you guys..
Because this is summer time, who wants to spend their time on bed or home? Exactly, no one. OMG! Almost forget! Put A LITTLE make up like pink lip balm and peach blusher. DO NOT let people outside seeing you in a pale face!
Because what? This is summer! Hahahaha! 😀