DIARY: Suddenly….


Hello everyone, its too late nigh and early morning but I still wide awake. I’m far away from home right now.
Close enough with my brothers, but they are not here with me. I feel so lonely. I don’t know what to do. So, I just listen to music on my playlist. Have you ever felt it, dude? Horrible. There’s nothing feels right for me… *sigh

When I try to close my eyes, suddenly I imagine my lil bro is playing a toy beside me. A second later, I realized that it was a silly delution. Tears start run down on my cheeks. Sometimes I’m over-sensitive. I would cry so loudly for something useless.

Suddenly, I miss my mom too..
Haha. Silly. Tonight is my first night far away from home (it means 2 days left). It’s been along time and it’s been so hurt me too much to left my home sweet home.

And then, I miss my BED!!
lol~ I never found another bed which better than mine. hahahaha. Lets stop before I become more silly!

with cold heart feel,

– keukey –