The Song Of Life

o heart of mine,
we shouldn’t worry so..
what we’ve missed of calm we couldn’t have,
you know..

what we’ve met of stormy pain,
and of sorrow’s driving rain,
we can better meet again,
If it blow!

we have erred in that dark hour,
we have known,
when our tears fell with the shower,
all alone!

were not shine and shower blent,
as the gracious Master meant?
let us temper our content,
with His own..

for we know, not every morrow can be sad,
so, forgetting all the sorrow we have had..
let us fold away our fears,
and put by our foolish tears,
and through all the coming years,
just be glad..

thanks Jemy for sent this beautiful poem. so inspirational!!! and I love ‘Black Rose’ more than ever 🙂 love love love