Tips: On-The-Go Holiday Beauty


  1. Bring a travel-sized bottle of dry shampoo with you so that you can touch up your hair right before you head out to the party. This will work well for hair that’s being left down or being worked into an up-do because it will get rid of excess grease and provide extra texture.
  2. Apply your face makeup products before heading to school or work. For long-lasting coverage, use a primer or makeup setting spray. Keep the eye makeup light and simple during the day so that you can build it up before the party. I like to bring blotting papers with me to get rid of oil and shine throughout the day—it’s so much better than having to use five papers at once when you’re trying to touch up your makeup.
  3. Put your outfit on a hanger along with the bag you plan to wear. Hang it up in your car or on the back of a door so that the clothes don’t get wrinkled.
  4. If you’re wearing tights with your dress or skirt for the party, DON’T wear those tights to work. You may think that you’re saving time, but if by chance a run tears down your leg you’ll be in a very tight spot come party time. Place your tights in a plastic bag and check for runs before you leave for the day.
  5. Go to a beauty department and ask for samples of your favorite perfume. That way, you can still wear perfume in the morning and then spritz yourself right before going to the party without having to lug around your full bottle.