Tips: Right Hair Colour


Find the Right Hair Colour for You!!

So you’ve decided to change your hair colour, you go to the shop and buy the hair colour you want, you apply it and wait for the finished product, only to realise that the colour is all wrong for you! This has happened to be a few times! Here are some reasons why some hair colours don’t suit some people:

Many factors matter when it comes to picking the right hair colour, some being skin tone, eye colour, your natural and artificial hair colour.
The first thing considers when it comes to hair colours is whether you are in the warm or the cool category. It’s the same when picking foundation for your skin tone, too dark and you look orange, too light and you look washed out. Picking hair colours that compliment your skin tone and not clash is crucial. Here’s a guide to what category (warm or cool) you fit in to:

Cool Category (if you are two or more then you fall into the category):

If your Eye Colour is:
1. Deep Brown or Black-Brown
2. Grey Blue or Dark Blue
3. Hazel with flecks of White, Grey or Blue

If your Natural Hair Colour is:
1. Blue Black
2. Deepest Coffee Brown
3. Medium Ash brown
4. Medium Golden brown
5. ‘Dishwater’ Blonde
6. White

If your Skin Tone is:
1. Very Dark Brown
2. True olive (most Asians and Latinos have this skin tone)
3. Medium with no color in cheeks
4. Medium with faint pink cheeks
5. Medium with golden undertones
6. Pale with no color in cheeks
7. Pale with pink undertones
8. Brown or bronze when you tan

You can also find out your category by looking at your clothes and the colours that you look best in. If you look best in clothes with jewel tones such as blues, greens, pinks, purples, greeny blues, magentas, and reds with a blue base.

So now you know if you’re in the cool category, you can now find out what hair colours look best and worst with your features.

The hair colours that ‘cools’ should avoid are:

Naturally cool people should avoid gold, yellow, red and bronze tones in their hair color. These warm tones have a tendency to make you look sallow and drawn.

The hair colours that ‘cools’ look best with are:

Shiny jet blacks, cool browns, cool blondes ranging from ‘mink’ to platinum or icy white blondes. As for highlights; wheat, honey or ash shades are best. Stick to neutral colours and avoid yellow’s and golds the most.
The good thing is that if you’re a ‘cool’ like me then fortunately us cools are able to have quite unnatural hair colours too such as blood reds, burgundies, orchids and purples. So don’t be afraid to keep it natural, go for it girl!

Warm Category (if you have two or more of these then you are in this category) :

If your eye colour is:
1. Golden Brown,
2. Green, Green Blue or Turquoise,
3. Hazel with flecks of gold or brown

If you natural hair colour is:
1. Deep Brown with gold or red highlights
2. Red
3. Strawberry Blonde
4. Natural Golden Blonde
5. Grey with yellow undertones

If your skin tone is:
1. Brown with pale pink undertones
2. Brown with golden undertones
3. Pale with peach or gold undertones
4. Freckled

Another way to tell is by looking at the clothes you look best in. ‘Warms’ look best in Earthy colours such as: yellows, oranges, browns, yellowish greens and orange based reds.

So now you know whether you’re in the warm category, lets look at what hair colour you should avoid, and what colour you’d look best with:

Hair colours that ‘warms’ should avoid: Light blues, purples, violet (basically any unnatural colours apart from reds) beige’s and blondes. Basically ‘warms’ should avoid any colours that will wash out their skin colour and make them look paler.

Hair colours that ‘warms’ look best in are: Dark, warm and chestnut browns look the best on people who fit into the warm category. Rich golden browns, auburns, warm gold and red highlights and golden blonde shades look the best on you.

Now some of us might not realise how damaging hair colouring can be, so here’s a few tips to help you on your way:

Check the Sides: A good indication of what your before and after pictures will look like is the side of the hair dye box. There is a colour chart, usually with three colours (your hair colour now) and the progression to that (after the dye).

When in doubt: When lightening or darkening your hair, to be on the safe side I recommend only going one shade darker or lighter than your original hair colour to avoid ambarrasment.

Have a problem? There is usually a helpline number that you can call if you have any doubts on hair colouring. And if you have a perm, relaxer or just very damaged hair, always seek expert advice before colouring to avoid further damage.

In the right order: If you’re going darker than your original colour then start the dye at the roots and in the last 5 minutes work the colour through the ends of the hair. However, if you’re lightening your hair, do the opposite to this. Start at the ends, which should look blonder than everywhere else as they would naturally had they been bleached by the sun.

Wait! Wait 48 hours before shampooing, as this lets the pigment settle into your hair. And when you do wash the hair, avoid using very hot water as this can open the culticules and let out the dye.

Bring a picture: If you’re having your hair coloured at the salon, or are trying to find the colour you want at the beauty store then take a picture of someone with hair the same colour that you would like to achieve. Salon experts will all interpret your description differently, however a picture is a picture.

Food, Glorious food: When describing the colour of your hair, experts say that using words like Espresso, Caramel and Honey are sometimes much better than Brunette or Gold as these words conjure up a more accurate colour so you will achieve your desired colour.

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