Tips: How to Manage Curly Hair


So some girls would dream for naturally curly hair, but for those who do have it, it can bring it’s own problems. But don’t fret ladies, here are the best tips out there to ensure that your curly hair stays strong, manageable and beautiful:

1. Less Is More

When you shower your hair, try to shampoo less and condition more. Shampooing dries out your hair everytime you do it, so unless you’re in the position where you need to shampoo every day (i.e. a career where you are around dirt or the outdoors a lot) then try to limit the amount of time shampooing. And also investing in a good quality conditioner will be well worth it in the long run.

2. Right for You

A lot of products nowadays are being made specifically for a certain hair type. If you live in a humid climate, then you’d expect your hair to become frizzy or ‘fuzzy’. There are plenty of products available in supermarkets and beauty stores to keep your hair tamed and frizz free. If you have hair that only has a loose curl or a slight wave then you can get a curl enhancer, and follow up with a gel or a light spray of hair spray and your hair should stay bouncy all day.

3. Comb It!

If your hair gets easily tangled or you’ve been on a night out and your hair got a bit out of hand, then combing the tangles out can be a nightmare for you and your hair. To keep any tangles that may cause breakage at bay, try combing your hair through in the shower when it still has conditioner on it. When you rinse it through you should with tangle free hair, or any minimal tangles can be combed through with your fingertips. You can also buy specially made combs that are perfect for in the shower.

4. Work It!

Anyone will know that working out is good for your body, but not so good for your hair. The best way to keep your hair looking normal while you work out is to tightly tie your hair into a ponytail and then scrunch the ends of it with mousse every half an hour or so to keep your curls around. Alternatively you could tie your hair up and then plait your high ponytail, this will definitely keep your curls.

5. Healthy Ends

If you want to grow your curly hair long but are worried about the shape of it, then see a hair stylist more often and have ‘baby trims’, this will keep the ends healthy as your hair grows.

6. Condition, Condition, Condition

Daily wear can cause damage to your hair, but you can help it out by applying a deep conditioning treatment once a week will really make a difference to the condition of your hair. Leave it in for 20 minutes for a short burst of conditioning or alternatively you can leave the conditioner in over night in plaits so your curls stay bouncy for the day after.

7. Avoid The Comb

Avoid combing your hair when you come out of the shower as this breaks the pattern of curls and creates a lot of frizz. After you get out of the shower, apply product to your hair and let it dry.

8. Avoid The Heat

When choosing how to dry your hair, keep in mind that heat damages your hair, especially the ends. This creates more frizz and will get you back to square one fast. ‘Drip drying’ your hair is definitely the best way to dry it as it involves no heat at all, however, if you have to use a hair dryer then use a diffuser. Hang your hair upside down and begin to dry your hair, applying a heat protection spray to provide more defence against damage.

9. Twirl it!

To further define your hair, twirl small sections of hair around your finger. But be careful where you do it, as some people may think you’re flirting!

Deep condition at least once a week. Apply an ultra-moisturizing deep conditioner to hair after shampooing and leave it on for 10-30 minutes before rinsing. This extra moisture will last all week, smoothing out rough cuticles & helping to repair damaged ends. When the shaft of curly hair is smooth, curls are\able to fall more naturally.

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