I Finally Saw The Hobbit, and This Is How It Went Down

The Hobbit

Makeup Morsels

The best trailer ever made.

As longtime readers, or anyone who found this blog through my Arkenstone EOTD, will know, I love Tolkien’s universe.  It killed me deep inside that I had finals during the midnight premiere, but in the interest of not failing school (one of my life goals), I stayed in and studied.  Of course, the second I got home, I ran out to see it.  Here are my thoughts.

*Note: This is not by any means a review, unless your definition of review is I’M SO HAPPY *THUD*

I’ve been waiting for this movie for such a long time that I honestly think I would have been happy with anything.  Do I think it’s as good as its predecessors?  Well, I hesitate to compare them at all, but the short answer is no.  The Hobbit is much lighter in tone than the Lord of the Rings 

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