keep in fight buddies!! you did very well!!!

Confessions of a Jeremy Lin Addict

FINAL SCORE: HOU 100 and DAL 105

My internet isn’t working right now so this is my first time blogging from my phone. lets see how this turns out and forgive me for the lack of pics and videos. I will have to add it when my internet starts back up.

So I watched the first half of this game and then I went to grab dinner. .. and I was only able to catch the last 45 seconds of the game when I came back.

Before halftime, the Rockets were down by about 13 pts and I was so upset for them. I know they are so exhausted with these back to back games and I could understand their lack of energy. So I figured this game would be another loss and that I could afford to miss some of the game to have dinner.

I came back…

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