Best 4 Nail Colours for This Winter

Painting nails is like killing two birds with one stone. On one hand, this is a great way to take care of yourself, a number one step of beauty regime. Since men are… Continue reading

Photos: Me and My White Tee

I wore white plain tee and black jeans to attend my friend’s birthday party last night. (party dress code: casual) pink flat shoes by The Little Thing She Needs and my mom’s light… Continue reading

I Love: Private ‘The Penguins of Madagascar’

Character Information NickName 1. Mr. Tux 2. Slippy 3. Dough Boy 4. Young Private 5. The Private 6. New Cute Guy 7. Mr. Cute and Cuddly 8. Mr. Nice Guy 9. Young Mr.… Continue reading

Recently Love: Hello Panda

each biscuit consists of a small hollow shortbread layer, filled with either milk cream, strawberry, or chocolate filling (chocolate is the most commonly available variety). Hello Panda was originally baked in Japan by… Continue reading

Tips: How To Boosting Up Your Mood

The human mind and body are incredible things, and the way the mind functions is amazing. The way we feel and our moods can change as often as the weather and can go… Continue reading

Perfume of The Day: Bvlgari Jasmin Noir

honestly, it took so long for me to buy this perfume. this perfume has an expensive smell to it. I wore it to bed last night and could still smell it when I… Continue reading

Link: NYE 2013 Central Events NY

NYE 2013 celebrate the New Year Eve with friends. Time Square Party Pass sounds great right?

Tips: How to Manage Curly Hair

So some girls would dream for naturally curly hair, but for those who do have it, it can bring it’s own problems. But don’t fret ladies, here are the best tips out there… Continue reading

Tips: Right Hair Colour

Find the Right Hair Colour for You!! So you’ve decided to change your hair colour, you go to the shop and buy the hair colour you want, you apply it and wait for… Continue reading

What to wear on a cold day ❤

Originally posted on Miss Viktoriya:
Hey everyone! We’ve been having blizzard warnings here in Washington.. Brrrr!! And it’s also been raining/snowing almost every hour so it was hard to get some photos, but…