Monthly Archive: January, 2013

SKIN CARE CLASS: How To Reduce Pimples

You went to bed with clear and glowing skin, but when you awaken, you find a huge, monster zit ready to take over your face! Hurry, get the aspirin! No, not to soothe… Continue reading

Currently Listening: Train- Hey Soul Sister

Hey, hey, hey Your lipstick stains On the front lobe of my Left-side brains I knew I wouldn’t forget you And so I went and let you Blow my mind Your sweet moonbeam… Continue reading


Originally posted on Confessions of a Jeremy Lin Addict:
FINAL SCORE: HOU 100 and DAL 105 My internet isn’t working right now so this is my first time blogging from my phone.…

My TOP 10 Sad Songs!!

1. Boyce Avenue- It Will Rain   2. Lana Del Rey- Born To Die   3. Christina Perri- The Lonely   4. Copeland- You Love To Sing   5. Westlife- Why Did You… Continue reading

Eyeliner Styles

  bold eyeliner     kitten eyes steps

Jeremy’s Head Injury

  oh my God~ he suffered a head injury in the third quarter after colliding with forward Larry Sanders. what’s wrong with Larry?! Jeremy left the floor with visible blood coming from his… Continue reading

Photo of The Day: New Eyeliner

I bought an eyeliner liquid and I love it. but I’d prefer gel eyeliner ❤

Video: Beautiful Resolutions by Michelle Phan

[youtube: new year has begun. here’s an example of resolutions by a makeup guru on youtube, Michelle Phan. hope she will inspire you!!

Random Info: Can You Believe These Artists Are Turning 30 This Year?

Can you believe these gorgeous people would turn 30 this year?! Remember, this is Korean age. They’re actuall 29 years old, but 30 in Korea.  ^^ “Welcoming this year with artists that will…

Article: 2NE1′s ‘I Love You’ ranks #1 on PopJustice’s ‘The Top 15 K-Pop Singles of 2012′

Yey! 2NE1’s I Love You made it into another list of best songs in 2012! ❤ Even though they released only one song this year, the song still got a lot of achievements…